Friday, November 29, 2013

thanksgiving bust take four?

Thanksgiving has been a bust for our family for the past few years. Ryan officially declared it his "least favorite holiday." I was determined to fix Mr. Thanksgiving's reputation this year. Leah's seizures are under control. I wasn't cooking the turkey. Dinner wasn't at our house. Everyone was in good health. Things were looking good. 

I started the day out with a nice 6+ mile run and then jumped right into the kitchen to start cooking. We contributed a few sides, pumpkin pie and some peas for dinner this year. Easy 'peas'y, right? So far, so good. 

The girls and I put together a little cup craft I got on clearance. Leah and I put ours together first, as an example for Kate. 

Then Kate gave it a go. Nailed it. 

Still lookin' good. 

We arrived at the Flaherty's house for dinner along with the Oakes and the Bridges and some friends of the Flaherty's. The table was immaculate and her house was a kid wonderland, even though they don't have kids yet. It was perfect. 

Dinner was divine. Everyone was happy. Thanksgiving was redeeming itself! 

Until Kate lost her cookies. Well, I'm not exactly sure what she lost because she actually refused to eat any dinner. But luckily, whatever it was she lost, she did it in the kitchen on the tile. When she finished, she perked right up and went to play. No fever, nothing. I figured something she had had earlier just didn't settle, so we let her play. More than an hour later, I saw that look on her face again. Un-lucky for me and the pretty green rug, she was no longer on the tile. So, we did our best to clean up and got ourselves out of there stat. 

And we cursed Thanksgiving all the way home. 

Kate threw up a total of six times - three more times that night, which made for a nice few loads of laundry complete with sheets, blankets and pajamas - and once more the next morning. And every time she was completely fine before and completely fine after. No fever. No moaning. No runny nose. Nothing. I still have no idea what it could have been other than the curse of Thanksgiving. 

And with all the evening's events, nothing got this girl down. 

Next year must be our year. And next year, I'll actually get to eat my dessert.  

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