Saturday, November 30, 2013

thankful tree

This year, our family made a thankful tree. Bare at the beginning of the month, it slowly sprouted autumn leaves and the tree was filled with things for which our family is grateful. Though some of the leaves were things I never even knew about or thought I would need to be grateful for a few short years ago, it was a great reminder that our life is full and we are truly blessed. 

It was also great practice for Miss Kate to learn to abstain from touching decorations. We considered it training for the Christmas tree and it worked like a charm. 

Some of the things our family is grateful for: school, family, socks and shoes, a car, rain, books, music, the school bus, nursery (at church), horses, dance parties, food and treats (or as kate calls them, "teets!"), babies, teachers, good health, a house, binky ("beenty"), doctors, cheerios, kate, a job, banzel (Leah's seizure medication), dad's three girls, dad, mom, leah, "lo lo" (lotion), "nanas" (bananas), sunshine, primary and kate's red blanket ("bane-ty" or "mon-ty").

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