Tuesday, November 12, 2013

short documentary

When I lived in California, I had the opportunity to spend time each week with the youth in my church congregation. Specifically, I taught the 12-13 year old girls. When I first started, one of the girls I taught was the lovely Hannah.

At the risk of feeling outrageously old, Hannah is now a freshman in college and approached me (virtually) a few weeks ago about doing a short documentary on Rett syndrome! Of course we would have loved if she could have flown to Iowa to do it about Leah, but that wasn't in either of our budgets! I got her in contact with a family that lives near where she goes to school and this film, Silent Angel, is the beautiful result.

Thank you to the Heimburger family for opening your home and your lives and sharing a little bit of your and Lucy's day with us. And thank you, Hannah, for choosing to film a short about Rett syndrome and doing such a wonderful job! You've got a great future ahead of you.


maryirene said...

what a neat video. thank you for sharing.

Kelli Marshall said...

that was awesome.