Monday, August 11, 2014

10 mile goal: report

Remember that goal we had to run or walk 10 miles this summer? 

Well, the girls basically blew it out of the water. 

As of the last day of summer vacation, they walked more than 20 miles. They really surprised me! Most days we went more than a mile. The girls were exhausted, which was the goal, and usually happy to boot! I carried each girl ONCE (on different days) for about a quarter of a mile, and that is it. 

We picked a lot of flowers. 

Took a few breaks. 

Twice (or thrice?) we went with dad. 

 And once we went with friends. 

 Once we checked out a brand new trail. 

And once Kate and I went sans Leah (who was running around at camp), allowing us to find a path less traveled and much rockier. Kate was a fan.

But usually it was just me and my smiley crew, slowly but surely making our way down the paved path. 

We always ended our walks with snacks and water in the back of the car. 

And a few times it resulted it late morning naps. Because it's summer, so why not!?

All in all, a worthy goal, good effort and such a great result. Definitely an activity that will be repeated in summers to come. I'm so proud of those four little legs! 


Tiffany Toronto said...

Good job! Seriously lets talk about those amazing signs you always make. Maybe in another life I will be as talented as you, or maybe you could just teach me via the web how to do it. Is it the same program that you use for photos? I was looking at adobe indesign on amazon today....again :)

Josh and Laura said...

I think I already mentioned this on instagram but I just have to say it again - Kate is just way too cute in those little exercise shorts and sneakers!!! Oh man, she kills me! I need to get Mya's chubby little legs in some exercise shorts :)