Saturday, August 9, 2014

the Fosters in farm country

After having such a great time with the Fosters in IL, we all decided they should come check out our neck of the woods. The plan was to have them come see some of the John Deere sights and then we'd all go to Tug Fest, which was perfect since they are from IL and we are from IA. May the best state win, right? 

Well, Leah had other ideas and decided that after a 20-month hiatus, she should start to have seizures again. Luckily, the Fosters totally understand living with Rett syndrome and they just rolled with it, seizures, sleepiness and all.

We bagged Tug Fest (next year!!!) and instead had a quick lunch and then paid a low-key visit to the John Deere headquarters where... 

John and Ava thought the equipment was comfy enough to take a snooze in,

we learned that even though Kate has done a lot of growing lately, she is, in fact, still small, 

and we let two two year olds drive a combine. 

After our Deere shenanigans, we turned on the hose in the backyard and the girls had a great time running through sprinklers and splashing each other in the pool before eating homemade pizzas to recharge them. 

It was short and sweet, but so much fun to spend a relatively low-key day with some pretty fabulous company. And at least John had a guy to hang out with this time! 

Come back to Iowa soon, Fosters! We can't promise seizure-free activities, apparently, but we can promise a good time. (And it was probably good that we didn't go to Tug Fest this year - I heard IL won.)

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