Wednesday, August 13, 2014

first of first

The much-anticipated first day of first grade has been two years coming. Every time I think, I'm not old enough to have a 1st grader I remember that, actually, I'm old enough to have a 2nd grader, and then I immediately feel better. 

We had a successful meet and greet night where we walked through Leah's classroom, saw (and sat in) her new chair and desk, dropped off all her school supplies and met her new teacher, Mrs. Radosevich (yes, I spelled it wrong on the sign). She has one of the same aides as last year and one new one. AND two of her best buddies from Kindergarten are in her class this year, one being a locker buddy. 

It was also nice being able to send her back to the same school, with no huge changes - the first time that has ever happened in her 5+ years of school. I almost didn't know what to do with my free time. 

Leah was up and ready to go on the first day way before the bus arrived. She knew exactly what she wanted to wear (still loves those horses!) and she was incredibly efficient all morning. We played outside for a good 20 minutes just waiting, waiting, waiting. We had ample time to get pictures (and Kate was not about to be left out). And the grin on Leah's face could not be wiped off. 

I send her off each day just hoping we are doing the right thing. Hoping that everyone at school believes in her as much as we do at home. And they do. They believe in Leah because Leah makes them believe. The light in her eyes and her grinning, gregarious personality almost force others to believe. She's in there. And she is going to do some amazing things this year. 

First grade is off to a first-rate start. 


Tiffany Toronto said...

Look at those huge front teeth Leah is sporting these days! Gotta love adult teeth. But seriously, as much as I loved her toothless (as I do with every child), I think this may be another best look for her!!! So adorable and grown up looking

Leslie said...

so sweet.