Monday, August 4, 2014

Niabi Zoo

In an effort to explore a little more of our still-new-to-us town, the girls and I joined some friends for a day at the Niabi Zoo (knocking off a summer bucket list item while we were at it!). 

We rode the "choo choo" aka train. How Katrin manages to look good despite the heat and humidity is beyond me. I need to learn her secrets! 

We went on the "up down up down" aka carousel...
...where Leah was pleased as punch to be riding Po the Panda. Only the best for Leah. 

We had a yummy picnic lunch on the grass where Leah gobbled up her food and Kate ran around like a crazy person, only willing to eat fruit snacks, per our usual routine. The only time she sat still was when we hoisted her onto the hippo. (Does every zoo have a statue of a hippo? So far we are having fantastic luck with a picture of our Kateapotamus on a hippopotamus in every location!)

And we saw so many animals. It really was a fun trip with fabulous company. Something we will definitely have to repeat in the near future. 

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