Friday, August 1, 2014

july in an instant

We decided after our lengthy car travels in June, our family hadn't had enough. So, July was filled with a little more traveling. 

Ryan escaped to New Zealand and Australia for 3+ weeks for work and the girls and I road tripped to Kentucky (a new state for all three of us!) one weekend to visit my (visiting) sister and a long-lost cousin, and Chicago the next to visit some Rett friends (and IKEA and Trader Joe's, of course).

We traveled nearly 20 miles on our six little legs on the trails. Double our goal - those girls are rock stars. 

Leah traveled a few cities over for her first-ever summer camp. It was a hit. 

We received a Box Tops label in the mail that traveled all the way from Fiji. Thanks Grandma! 

I traveled up and down the hill in my backyard 60+ times mowing the lawn for the first (and second) time. And Leah ran up the hill all by herself. She was beyond pleased. I don't have words for the incredible feelings I felt watching her. 

And we traveled all around town checking things off our summer bucket list. 

It was a well-traveled and much enjoyed month! Now for the pictures...

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