Friday, September 5, 2014

Help us NOT SPEAK for Rett syndrome

I'd give almost anything to hear my sweet little Leah's voice again. The little voice that once told me her favorite fruit was an "appie" or that she wanted more "cheese peese." The tiny voice that mixed up trickier words like "opatus" for Octopus. 

The voice that was never able to mutter that she loved me before it was taken away. 

I'd love to hear the silly thoughts running through her head each day. Her fears or joys from the first day of school. Her thoughts on living in -40 degrees last winter. What a seizure feels like. Her best friend. Her favorite activity. Her thoughts about the biggest and smallest events in her life. I'd love to hear it all. 

But I can't. 

So yes, I'd give almost anything. I'd absolutely give up speaking for an hour to spread awareness of Rett syndrome and the hope that current clinical trials are providing RIGHT NOW. 

Would you do the same? If you'd give up speaking for just an hour, join with Leah's little sister, the newest spokes sibling for the Rettland Foundation, in donating just $10 for your not speaking kit. And then find a friend or two, head out into your community and spread the word - without a spoken word - about Rett. 

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