Tuesday, September 16, 2014

my turn to teach

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous for my turn to teach the preschool co-op I'm doing with 4 of my friends. Even though they're only 2 and 3 years old, I was nervous and intimidated! 

For the literacy segment, I had been assigned the letter D. We have the kids to a craft for each letter so when preschool is over, they will have a complete alphabet book. Our craft was a Dog (a Dalmation with Dots, to be exact). I loved the Picasso-eque interpretations. We also talked about Dads, Drawing, Dots, Donuts, Donkeys, Dolphisn, Ducks, Dough and Dolls, among other things. 

We played with play Dough for awhile. Some kids were more interested than others. I tried to close my eyes as they squished all the colors together. 

For math, I was assigned the number 4. Lucky for me, I couldn't think of a single song or ditty that had to do with the number 4. Why do numbers 3 and 5 get all the love? We compromised and did 4 little Ducks (4 AND D, bonus!). We went on a scavenger hunt to find four of something (we found four dolls, four blankets, four bowls, four books and four blocks). We also learned that animals have four legs, and the table had four sides. 

For the monthly theme, each child was given a week to themselves. I got to teach the kids all about cute Scarlett. 

The kids got to run around outside for a bit because it was a gorgeous day. They play really well together! 

For lunch, we ate hot Dogs (don't judge), veggies and Dip (Kate refused the dip), vitamin D milk and Donut holes for Dessert. Abby refused to eat. Except the donuts. She filled up on those. Sorry, Haley. 

For our closing circle, we Danced like D animals (Dogs, Ducks, Dolphins, Donkeys, Dragonflys, Deer), some kids Drew and some played with more play Dough. 

And at 11:45, they all Departed. I loaded my colorful Dishwasher and I Dropped to the ground from exhaustion. 

They are definitely not all used to preschool at this point, but hopefully our routine will kick in soon. Kate was a rascal and had to go to her room a few times to chill out. Two of the kids had very selective hearing. One refused to eat. And another only wanted to play with the toys the whole time. So, it was an adventure, but a lot of fun. I'm excited to do it again! But I'm also excited that I get a 4 week break until that time!

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