Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September in an instant

As I was compiling this collage, I had an overwhelming feeling of happiness and contentment. This isn't to say the entire month of September was nothing but sunshine, but I just feel grateful. I look at these pictures and I know it's these small moments that will continue to make me smile as the years pass by. It's the things my girls are learning, the experiences we are enjoying together, and the family and friends involved. 

Plus, it's FALL and I am certainly going to enjoy it while it's here. 

The days have felt hectic, but in a more organized sort of way. Leah is in a routine and we've had multiple "good days" at school after a rocky start. Kate, though intense, is truly a joy to be with each day. Ryan works hard all day and comes home to work hard for his girls at night. 

The days are messy, hectic, long and loud and I'm so lucky for the reasons they are. 

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