Wednesday, October 1, 2014

National Homemade Cookie Day

Today was National Homemade Cookie Day. 

Now before you get all crazy on me wondering how in the world I know about these little-known, all-too-specific holidays, hear me out. 

About five years ago, when we were living in California, I had the pleasure of knowing a wonderful woman named Michelle. Michelle is someone I truly wish everyone in the world could know. Or at least meet. She is happy, and kind, and smart, and funny, and giving, and fun. She knows when to be serious and when to joke around. She has spunk and style. And she makes you feel like YOU are just as incredible as she really is. Well, every October 1, Michelle would bake up lots and lots of cookies and open her home to family, friends and neighbors to celebrate National Homemade Cookie Day (which, by the way, is a real thing!). 

After I moved from California, I always forgot about it until the day of, and then remembered Michelle, and California, and all of my friends there, fondly. I move around so much and get to meet so many wonderful new people, I might as well bring the best of what I have experienced along with me, right? 

So this year, I decided I would channel my inner Michelle, bake up (not quite as big of) a storm and invite some friends over to celebrate. 

So, 224 cookies and roughly 35 people later, Michelle now has a fans in Iowa. I chose six different recipes (from six different family members/friends). I had everyone vote for their favorite (it was a tie between peanut butter and chocolate chip). And at the end of the day, I texted with Michelle. We exchanged recipes and talked shop for next year...because this will definitely be an annual event. 

And poor Kate. She was so patient, not eating any of the cookies until people started to arrive. But once she started, she didn't stop. I'm not stretching the truth at all when I say she had cookies for lunch. Probably 11 of them. And that is it. Except for the batter from the beaters. She ate that too. 

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Kelli Marshall said...

I want to live by you. ps can you teach me how to right well, and by that i mean hand writting:)