Saturday, October 18, 2014

Nauvoo in the fall

We took a "quick" trip to Nauvoo today so Ryan and I could attend tag-team sessions at the temple. I attended the first session, then we ate a quick lunch and drive around town (where I got to see the home of some of my ancestors) before Ryan headed in and I hung out with the girls. 

I decided to take the girls to Carthage as neither of them had been inside the jail before. The foliage was on fire as we drove around town and down the road that parallels the Mississippi River. By the time we reached Carthage, Kate had fallen asleep in her car seat. And if there was ever a child you should NOT wake unless there is an actual fire, it is Kate. So, we parked the car, rolled down the windows and Leah and I walked around the courtyard (about 20 feet from the car) to stretch our legs. 

Leah was so quiet and reverent and still. It was a fun moment to talk about Joseph and Hyrum Smith and this piece of our church history. 

On the drive back to Nauvoo, Leah fell asleep too. Those two are angels when they sleep.  

When Ryan finished, we picked him up and walked around the temple grounds. We feel so lucky to live near this beautiful and sacred building. I really hope Leah can go inside someday. 

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