Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween in a pumpkin-shell

As a whole, I have mixed feelings about Halloween. The world is turning into such a tricky place, it's hard to love a holiday where I have to worry about my kids being drugged by candy given to them by someone living on our street. And, if the candy is legit, it's hard to ration the candy for my kids and resist it for myself! But, one thing I really love is creating costumes for my family. 

We did the run-of-the-mill (at least in the Layton household) eye guessing game for costumes this year. Leah gave us plenty of "no" answers. But when I suggested pirate, she stared me right in the face, as if to say, "aye." So, the three elder Laytons dressed as a pirate clan, and, as everyone knows, every good pirate clan needs a colorful parrot to, well, parrot every thing they say. And we have one of those living with us, she just didn't have feathers yet! 

So, I set to work making a tattered skirt for our youngest pirate lass, with a sash made from her golden treasure. And we gave our parrot feathers. The only problem is, our parrot talks, but does not sit still on a perch like a parrot should, so we had to trace her body on a piece of paper to get an accurate measurement for wings. 

We debuted our costumes at the annual church trunk or treat (which we rushed to directly from family pictures, hence Kate's fancy attire) the Saturday before Halloween. Kate also took her candy-passing-out obligations very seriously. And I seriously failed at my attempt to give a pirate-looking "aaaaaargh" face with Leah. You can't win 'em all. 

Leah's school had a fabulous parade and her class held a fun party. Leah's costume was, apparently, the big school secret. She refused to answer any questions about her costume (she giggled with closed eyes every time someone asked about it) and everyone was dying to know what she was going to be (we're talking classmates, teachers, kids from other grades, the nurse, the dean, everyone)! I was a celebrity as I walked in with her pirate clothes in my bag, and the whole class was squealing with excitement as her costume was revealed. I'm pretty sure Leah didn't mind the extra attention. Speaking of extra attention, Kate got some of that too...and she minded. 

The school day events tuckered Leah right out, so she took a power nap before we ate dinner and headed out for the evening. 

For actual trick or treating, we set out a bowl of candy at our door (with the perfect amount of candy, apparently) and headed to a friend's neighborhood where a fabulous 13-year-old daughter of our friends took her two little brothers along with Leah and Kate trick or treating with a few of her friends. Ryan and I got to stay inside with her parents (where it was warm) and drink Hungarian hot chocolate. Pretty sure I could get used to that!

At the end of the day (or week) of celebrating, there are no mixed feelings here! A happy Halloween season all around.   

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