Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Activity Days Recognition

Tonight I had the opportunity to celebrate the 17 young girls I have the pleasure of working with at church. These girls, ages 8-11 work so hard throughout the year to meet requirements and participate in activities to earn their Faith in God award. They work on Learning and Living the Gospel, Serving Others, Developing Talents, memorizing scriptures and preparing themselves for the future in many different ways. 

I've been working alone in my calling for a little bit, so it was just me and the girls who put this recognition night together. They were so great! We kept it simple with some crepe paper decorations and a caramel apple bar (SO easy, and a hit!). We decided on the theme "I Am a Child of God" as it is a main part of the theme they repeat each week at their activities. The girls were in charge of prayers, the theme, music and talks. Where else could you find such a group of capable kids!? I spoke briefly about the theme and gave each of the girls their own felt crown with the initial of their name on it. 

I truly believe these wonderful girls are daughters of God and I hope they always remember that! 

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