Friday, October 24, 2014

First grade sock hop

To celebrate the 50th day of school, the first grade classes at Leah's elementary held a 1950s sock hop. They all dressed the part from leather jackets and greased hair to poodle skirts and pony tails. 

I had an old skirt in my Halloween box that my mom made for me when I was a little girl. I talked it up and told Leah how great it was...and when we got it out of the box, we realized that it might have been great if Leah had been to years old. 

So, we headed to the fabric store, bought a yard of felt and got to work making a new one just for her. Purple, obviously.

And because we couldn't let the vintage skirt go to waste, we let Kate join in on the picture-taking fun. 

The actual sock hop was lots of fun. The kids played games having to do with the number 50, they limboed their limber bodies to the floor, and danced their little hearts out to the jitterbug, hand jive and more. 

I asked Leah if she wanted me to dress up to as I was volunteering. She gave me a very clear NO, so I didn't. But I think I'm not going to give Kate that option. Embarrassed or not, this mom is wearing a poodle skirt. 

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