Tuesday, November 18, 2014

a very happy unbirthday

Kate seems to have caught my enthusiasm for birthdays - most importantly, hers. After the celebrations from my birthday wore off, she started to get excited for her own. The only problem is, her birthday is in May. "May firteenf" to be precise. And May 13th is half a year away. 

The poor girl was so excited and so incessant with her outbursts of enthusiasm for her big day, that we decided to celebrate her half birthday. We grabbed a donut, lit a candle and sang the (un)birthday song to all in attendance and that was that. 

It curbed her enthusiasm, gave me a chance to tell her there were a few other birthdays and holidays before her big day, and gave us all an excuse to eat a donut. Win-win. 

A very happy unbirthday indeed. 

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