Sunday, November 9, 2014

Primary Programs and the Lion's Den

Sometimes it's small moments that make me take a step back and realize how blessed we are to have Leah as included and welcomed and accepted as she is. I know that there are many who have children with special needs who don't feel this way and I don't take her inclusion for granted. 

Leah was asked, just like all of the other children in our church congregation, to participate in the annual Primary Program. In this program, kids ages 3-11 put on an hour long meeting about a gospel topic. They gave Leah a piece of paper saying, "My favorite scripture story is [blank] because [blank]. 

Now, Ryan and I could have easily thought of a great scripture story and written it out for her. But we knew that Leah had a favorite and we owed it to her to figure out what it was and why. 

So began what I thought would be a long and tedious process of questioning. But it ended up going something like this:

Mom: Okay, Leah, we need to figure out what your favorite scripture story is. Do you have a favorite?
Leah: Yes (with eyes, of course, that is to be assumed from here on out...)
Mom: Okay, is it a story in the Book of Mormon?
Leah: No. 
Mom: The Bible?
Leah: Yes. 
Mom: Okay, is it about Noah's Ark?
Leah: No. 
Mom: Is it about Daniel in the Lion's Den?
Leah: YES. (A big, fat, resounding yes with piercing blue eyes staring me in my browns and a giggle and smile to boot.)
Mom: Great!!!

That was it! So quick. And so certain. We then proceeded to read the story from the Bible and talk about the reasons she liked it. I brought up lots of things and she let me know what she did and didn't want to include in her talk. This is what we came up with - it has full Leah approval. She presented this part in front of our entire congregation with her switch. Nice work, Leah! 

"My favorite scripture story is Daniel in the Lion's  Den. 
Daniel kept the commandment even though he could get in trouble. 
Heavenly Father sent an angel to protect Daniel from the lions. 
Daniel was a good example. 
I can follow Daniel's example by praying to Heavenly Father 
and keeping his commandments." 

It makes my heart burst to know that Leah participates so well in our church programs and that she is growing in her knowledge just like the other kids. What a powerful example she is to me! And a cute one at that. 

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