Saturday, November 1, 2014

Decades Date Night, the first

For awhile now, I've wanted to have a couples costume party where couples come dressed up as famous or well-known couples or things that just go together. But looking at the calendar for October, there wasn't a single weekend night that worked. I was chatting with a friend about it, asking her if a costume party on November 1 would be ridiculous. Her jaw dropped to the floor as she told me how SHE had wanted to do a couples costume party as well, but wanted to have the theme be different decades in the 20th century. 

So, we decided November 1 wasn't ridiculous and we threw ourselves a party! 

Ryan and I opted for 1920s. I had fun twirling the flaps on my dress while he spent the evening perfecting his 1920s vernacular ("hey there big cheese", "that's the bees knees", "hi dawl") and typing on his air typewriter. There were a handful of hippies (seriously hilarious in those tight pants), some great depression folks and a few 1950s sock hoppers. 

We had some last minute cancellations, but it still turned out to be an hilariously fun night! Good food, great friends and so many laughs. We spent the evening playing a trivia game with questions about different decades from the 1920s to the 1980s mixed with some minute to win it games. The dancing was by far my favorite. We got some wall flowers out on the floor! 

This will definitely be something I try to make into an annual tradition. Can't wait to see what costumes people come up with next year! Thanks to the Johansens for hosting! 
Johansens, Kriters, Davidsons, Oakeses
Flahertys, Laytons, Josies

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