Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mommy school x2

This month, I got the chance to teach our preschool co-op group twice and it just gets better every time! I'm getting the hang of knowing what kinds of activities to plan, how long I'll be able to keep their attention for various activities, what they will/won't eat and what kinds of art projects to tackle. 

The kids are doing so much better with their routine and, for the most part, really get along well. 

On November 4, I taught the letter K and did a "K is for King" craft (though I realize later, this might be confusing because it was a crown and K is not for crown. We played with play dough using objects that start with K (a "K" cookie cutter, keys, etc.) on a letter K mat. I also taught about circles and we played a few fun activities to recognize them. The monthly theme is Thanksgiving, so we talked about what we were thankful for and wrote about those things on red, yellow and orange circles then glued them onto thankful trees.  

On November 25, we learned about the letter N and did a craft about "N is for Night." I'm loving the stickers for craft time. Not too messy and all of the kids can figure them out! Perfect. We made "nine noodle necklaces" and played Elefun with "nets." We learned about rectangles and then made rectangle placemats for our upcoming Thanksgiving feast. 

We learned about the first Thanksgiving and the kids dressed up with hats. We made our own pumpkin and raspberry pies and then ate our Thanksgiving feast (turkey lunch meat, mashed potatoes, rolls, corn, pies). Holidays are so much fun with kids and this was a great day to teach preschool. They loved it! 

And I love that I have a break until January! 

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