Tuesday, April 22, 2008

friday: lots of stuff

friday morning my best friend from high school, megan, came over with her darling little girls, rachel and bria. my mom made everyone a yummy, yummy breakfast. rachel was a sweetheart and bria pretty much hated leah. she kept trying to hit her and telling leah to not steal her blanket. gotta love a 2 year old. those girls are so cute! we went outside to take a picture and rachel was playing with a plastic camera my mom had...and decided to take a picture of us taking her picture.
next we had dental appointments with dr. hauley. no cavities for both of us (but my mouth was cleaner...dr. hauley said so). and leah had her very first checkup. dr. hauley said it didn't look like any new teeth were on their way...but they were. the very next day a top tooth popped through!
then we went downtown with ed, lindsey, jona and julia to pick up everything for the race. julia and i were twinners. we totally called each other before and said, "hey, you bring your target purse and navy pants from north carolina and i'll bring mine from california and we'll wear them on the same day." um, no, not really. but we look cute, huh?
ryan and leah took an afternoon nap and i stole away to day murray music (love that store!). then we headed to bountiful to meet up with ryan's high school friends for a carb loading fest (yum, carolee!)...four of us ran the half marathon the next day...and to have the boys drool over reed's new harley. i love these guys. they are so great. and, although i love getting together with them, i'm still glad i didn't know any of them in high school. it probably just wouldn't have worked out. if you want to know why, check out chris and dani's most recent blog post. niiiiiiice, guys.dan, ryan, ben, chris, reed, bryce, dale


Lant Family said...

I love all the fun posts from your trip. Looks like you had a fun time with everyone and were able to see lots of people. It sure was good to see you and finally see little leah. What a cutie.

Bryan & Haylie Belnap said...

hey maren! it's Haylie (Burgon). so, i've been secretly stalking your blog, and it's the cutest! i totally want to be you! and just so we're clear...my dad's halo is brighter than your dad's! it's not up and running yet, but we'll be at bryandhay.blogspot.com.

Jenny and Jared said...

Hi Ryan- Its Jenny (Riddle) Peterson. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I didn't realize that you knew Jonathan- funny how you can run into blogs from old friends while blog surfing! You have such a darling family. It looks like you are doing well. Its fun to see what you guys are up to. Tell all your friends from high school I say hello and I hope they are all doing well!

dani said...

Oh Maren, you think you're soo cool. You think you're too good for all of our high school selves? Fine, you're not invited to our next prom. Sorry Mare, you'll never be MMM.

Ryan said...

hate to say it Mare, but i agree with Dani

Julia Wade said...

we are sexy twinners, and that's all there is to it. oh wait, you're like 50 inches taller than i am ... boooo!!! :) those long legs. i'll never catch up!!