Tuesday, April 22, 2008

tuesday: snow?

i knew the weather was going to range from stormy to sunny while we were there, and we packed for it. saturday and sunday were great. monday was BEAUTIFUL: 80 degrees. Tuesday morning was gorgeous. The apricot trees "popped" overnight and the morning was already 60 degrees. I dressed in a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops and leah wore a t-shirt and jeans. No jackets necessary. We went shopping with my mom and Kelli. With each store we went to, the sky got cloudier and the air a bit chillier. A few hours after we left, we were driving home in SNOW. Really. It was crazy! Leah had never seen snow before, so we decided to capture the moment.
we spent the evening inside watching Biggest Loser and American Idol. and leah rocked out to the alvin and the chipmunks movie singing "The Witch Doctor." hilarious.


ed and kelli said...

you forgot to mention your very smart and intelligent sister brought a jacket and ever so kindly put it on your daughter and wrapped her up in it in the snow.. man i AM a great aunt!

Karen Hauley said...

Just for the record - this wasn't our last snow storm of the season. Oh, no. It snowed last week and - is supposed to snow again tomorrow or Thursday - in May! Lug you guys.