Thursday, April 24, 2008

saturday: the race is on

so, race day weather was basically perfect. chilly enough at the start to not be miserably hot by the end. there was a bit of wind at the end, but other than that, perfect. i had a goal to run this half in 2 hours or less. i'm not sure if that was a lofty goal as i trained at elevation 50 or something and ran closer to 5,000.

julia, lindsey and i started out awesome. we were totally on track to meet our goal. julia bonked at mile 6 as she had a cold previous to the run. i bonked at mile 10 (my back was killing me!) and lindsey kept going (yay lindsey!). luckily, i found ryan's friend chris at mile 10-something and he was also having a rough time. i finished in 2:11 (which tells you just how slow i ran those last 3 miles), but i still had fun...and that's still my fastest half, so i guess i can't complain.

my superstar mom on the other hand powerwalked that thing in 2:48!!! plus, we got to wear these sweet shirts that say "cancer drools...karen rules" on them. even leah had a onesie ("...grandma rules."). yah, we're cool.

poor leah. we dragged her around everywhere for a week. she was tired. cute, but tired.

we had a yummy breakfast with the wades/hellands after the race...and kelli treated us to a delicious dinner with all of my siblings (minus two spouses) at Asian Star. Then we had sundae's at Chris and Dani's. i love guilt-free eating.


Karen Hauley said...

You all rule!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the sweet card you sent. I can see why Julia is so crazy about you. We enjoyed our time with you and Leah. Take care...