Tuesday, April 22, 2008

wednesday: coats and friends

since tuesday turned out to be so stormy, we were prepared for wednesday. leah wore a coat for the very first time. she had no idea what i was putting on her and could barely put her hands down. the wind was blowing and she wasn't quite sure what to do; she kept gasping for air!

we spent the morning at the ellis's new house in lehi and lots of friends from my provo ward came! it was so much fun to catch up with everyone...and we missed everyone who couldn't make it! i think we got everyone in the picture except jessica and her boys...sorry!

leah loved this game crystal had at her house...a tin can with orange juice lids. we dumped them out and leah put them in one by one...for an hour. she loved it!

and this is laneah...with mr. potato head glasses. she is hilarious.

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