Monday, April 21, 2008

monday: provo

on monday morning, i drove to provo with my friend and old co-worker, amanda, and her 7 month old girl, emmy. we had a great time. emmy was a champ. leah was a bit tired, but held up okay. good thing kelli came with us to help out! we had a great time talking with old co-workers, browsing through the BYU Bookstore and eating at CAFE RIO. yum. yum. yum. hint, hint, California...jump on the bandwagon, please. i go through withdrawals!

i also took the third of three installments of a picture with Kerry Hammock, a counselor i worked with at BYU who was trying to lose some weight. way to go Kerry, you're looking fantastic!!

june 2006

january 2007
(kerry shrunk, i grew)

april 2008
(notice june 2006 picture in background...he has it framed in his office as motivation!! go me!)

p.s apparently, it takes me 22 months to grow my hair long enough for locks of love. good to know! the first picture was taken a day after my last real hairCUT...


Julia Wade said...

mkay, your hair looks awesome in 2006. methinks you should go red again? did you cut your hair today?

Uffens Family said...

I think your hair and color looks so perfect on you!! I LOVE IT Mare...wish I could get my hair to look like that!

ed and kelli said...

yeah i'm with julia.. have you cut your hair yet? if so i am GOING to need pictures!

Karen Hauley said...

Pictures promised today?