Thursday, April 24, 2008

sunday: our lovely flight home

sunday we went to church with ryan's parents. first we went to the wrong ward building (i forget there is more than one LDS church on every street in utah). we finally made it to the right building just a few minutes late. leah didn't last long. the poor thing was tired and teething. we ate dinner at their house and then had ice cream cake (nice choice, Brinn) for Ryan's cousin's birthday...more guilt-free eating. yes! four generations

our flight itinerary:

6:15: got through security perfectly (minus one rogue water bottle from the race i had forgotten about...oops!)

7:00: board plan one time

7:00-7:45: leah screams. loud. nothing we do calms her down.

7:45-8:10: leah falls alseep on the floor by our feet.

8:10: leah tries to roll over and rolls into ryan's foot.

8:10-8:45: maren leans over to rub leah's head and back to try to calm leah down (resulting in an even bigger headache than was previously there) so she can sleep. she dozes on and off for periods of 3-4 seconds, then screams again.

8:45: leah is miraculously all better. giggling. smiling at fellow fliers.

9:00: we land.

it's a good thing airplane windows don't roll down. we thought about it.


Nate, Morgan, Asher and Sayer said...

flying with kids is the worst, especially when they are already tired. i think i recognize that blanket she is laying on!!

ed and kelli said...

leah's don't fit through windows anyway, so nice try guys.. but she does fit in the mailbox and likes to be shipped to mexico.. aka douglas, az.. so feel free to send me that package anytime now...

Jessica M said...

Nice. There's a reason I haven't taken Hailey on a plane since she was 11 months old. Yep, that last trip did it for me. Understand your suffering, hope you had a great trip though!

carl said...

So Ryan, you traveled hundreds of miles to Utah, but wouldn't travel a few more to come down to Provo to visit an old co-worker? That's completely unacceptable. (I'm just kidding.)I've just been finishing up school and looking for employment. But other than that nothing much is happening here.
Also, don't feel too bad about bombing the Texan test. No one is perfect...

Jewele said...

Don't think it gets better...gag, I hate flying with Lauren! I especially love the passengers and flight attendants who look at you like you are purposely making her scream! Classic... :)

amanda, bryce & emmy said...

Ugh, mare, I shouldn't have read that post. Guess how long the flight to Ohio is??? Yep, over 4 HOURS. And I'll be myself again... how stupid am I? Glad you made it home safe...and Leah too!