Monday, June 21, 2010

dear daddy

dear daddy,

{a letter from leah}i love you.

i know i don't say it enough. ok. i don't say it at all. but i love you.

i want to be just like you.

i love how you wake up with me every morning {even when i wake up too early} and play with me. i love how you patiently feed me my breakfast one spoonful at a time, even though i'm three years old and even if it takes 10 minutes to get one bite in. i love how you always tell mommy that you get to hold me or walk with me. i love how you let me be your shadow wherever you go in the house without getting annoyed. i love that you love to cuddle with me in your ugly orange chair. i love that you love to comb my long, long locks. i love that you don't mind how goofy i am when you try to change my diaper or brush my teeth. i love that you let me splash in the tub. i love that you let me knock down your tall towers. i love that even though you won't let anyone hear you sing, you sing to me. i love that no matter how mad you are at me, you still melt at my giggle. i love that i've got you wrapped around my little finger. i love that, even though you said you never wanted girls, you can't {nor do you want to} imagine your life without me.

i love how you tackle me and tickle me, play with me and pray with me, fling me and sing to me, like me and love me.

i know i'm not the easiest part of your life. i know you've had to change a lot of your plans, close a lot of doors and forget a lot of dreams because of me. but i hope you know how much i appreciate it. i hope you know i love you. i hope the way i look into your eyes and hold you tight and give you kisses lets you know, without words, how lucky i know i am to be your little darlin'.

i love you daddy.

leah-licious karen stinky danger layton


Jen said...

Those pictures are SO cute.

Justin King said...

What a cute letter!!!!

Karen Hauley said...

Wow. Way to make me cry at work . . . again. Ryan, happy father's day - you are definitely loved.

Ryan said...

oh little leah're my own little angel, and i love you so. (by the way, my orange chair isn't ugly, it's 'rustic.')

Erica said...

PS: Avery says, lucky you with the orange chair-my daddy has orange HAIR!!