Thursday, June 10, 2010

do you believe in magic?

i hope you do.

because leah, my friends, is magic. i'm not sure how she does it.

exhibit a:
our newest addition here at the layton household: leah's arm brace. everyone asks us how she broke her arm. she didn't. it is just constantly in her mouth. always. all the time. never stops. the poor girl had sores that wouldn't heal because her fingers are constantly wet. her hands stink. really bad. i can only imagine that it probably didn't feel very good to her to have her fingers in her mouth at all times, sores and all. but she couldn't help it!

enter leah picked out the fabric {and did a mighty good job, if i do say so myself}. and i think she likes it. it keeps that left arm {the over-active one} straight. she can't bend it at all to get it to her mouth. her fingers are dry and smell like roses. her sore is gone. the only bad thing is that she is left handed, so when she tries to do something useful with her hands like bring her sippy cup to her mouth or kiss her dolly, she can't. but she has figured out how to get around with her arm straight and everyone is happy.

exhibit b: the magic.
i'm not sure how she does it, but she can fling her arm just right and the brace seriously floats off her arm in a graceful arc all the way to the ground. it is incredible to watch. it's definitely magic.the red thing is a grippy fabric that should make it so it doesn't fall off. yet i am constantly walking into a room to find the brace and the grip strewn about. but, grippy or not, it's not leah-magic proof.

exhibit c: my nemesis.
not her. just what she's doing. in less than half a second, her fingers are ready to go. they go directly to her mouth and snap as fast as they are able. usually her hair goes with them.

we repeat this process multiple times a day. i'm getting better at wrapping it on her arm, so these incidences are less common. magic will be no match for mommy.


ed and kelli said...

hudini for sure.

Amy W said...

You are such a good mom!

Rob and Marseille said...

that is a cute arm brace!

Porters said...

ahhh...we had these arm splints to use after Laneah's first eye surgery since she wanted to rub her eyes (they said it would feel like there was sand in there) but wasn't supposed to. It is something impressive that she keeps it on. I am glad it is helping!! And go ahead and let people think she broke her arm. Laneah has loved the extra attention it gets her. :)