Friday, June 11, 2010

the graduate

leah graduated from her first year of preschool last friday. then she had another week of school. her real last day is tomorrow. talk about no incentive to work hard! she already got her diploma and everything. :)

she sat in her cube chair so well...for the first half. but hey, if that's not progress, i'm not sure what is!
they called out "leah layton" and she walked to the stage. instead of walking up the two steps, she decided to sit down on them. so teacher shannon picked her up. instead of posing for a nice picture with her teacher and her diploma for mom, she gave her teacher the sweetest hug ever. then she walked down the the long wheelchair ramp and back to her seat while the remainder of the kids were called to the stage. she posed for some pictures.
and started a new fashion trend with her cap. and then we ate. if i ever had doubts that she goes to a very multi-cultural preschool, they vanished at the pot-luck lunch. there were homemade taquitos, shrimp fried rice, thai noodles, southwest chicken wraps and more. so yummy. i love all of her little friends...and their families. and to make a good day even better. daddy came home with flowers for leah. {okay, so i may have helped him out this year, but he liked the idea and is sure to do it next time!} i love leah looking at her sweaty, just-got-home-after-biking-from-work daddy. she is definitely a daddy's girl. congratulations to our little graduate!


Erika Hanks said...

SO cute!!! That arm brace seems amazing! Hope you guys are doing well!

Karen Hauley said...

congratulations, bean!

Rebecca Parker said...

I'm pretty impressed that she even kept mortarboard on as long as she did, but had to chuckle when I saw her other hand in her mouth;) The hug was way better, genuine & prob more appreciated than forced pose anyway?! Funny that they drag out sched starting in preschool?! T'is indeed a sweet pic with Ryan @ end--So proud of graduate & her parents!!