Thursday, June 17, 2010

i wasn't kidding when i said i thought this should be weekly

'let's go to the beach', week 2, was a success. different beach. half moon bay this time. i don't know why i never remember that half moon bay is always cold. i didn't even pack a sweatshirt. just sundresses. at least the sun was shining.

this girl was a poser. meaning, she honestly posed for pictures all day. we were there for four hours and i have probably 30 shots similar to these. i maybe have 30 posed pictures like this in her three years of life combined and then i double that in one day? she was hilarious!
she ate her entire lunch...and most of mine. i was starving by the time we got home because she ate half my sandwich, all my fruit and all of my yogurt in addition to her own lunch. at least she enjoyed it. and it's good to see her eating, so i won't complain.missing a few who had already headed home, but this is most of us.can't wait 'til next week. :)


Dyan said...

It looks like so much fun! I am hoping to make it one of these times. April sent me the emails, but I always have conflicts. Leah is a cutie, and she looks so old.

ed and kelli said...

the bean looks alot like you in the first picture:) maybe she's not so much ryan's twin??

Erica said...

red says (and i agree): she is a cutie patootie!

Eve said...

looks like so much fun! can i come sometime??



Karen Hauley said...

wow. I think the pic of leah with the shirt/towel on her head is absolutely a mini maren. It took me back in time. The extra doses of vitamin d seem to agree with you all.

Shannon said...

What a beautiful day; what a BEAUTIFUL Leah! So glad you guys had fun :). I'm definitely in for the next beach day (you like how I invite myself?).
P.S. we need to get you Tim's info. so he and Ryan (your Ryan) can catch back up (they were old mission companions). We talked with Tim this week and he is stoked to reconnect. Have (your) Ryan email his info. to (my) Ryan at:
Thanks :)