Wednesday, June 23, 2010

olallie what a day

leah and i spent a day down in watsonville at gizdich ranch picking olallieberries and strawberries.


really, yum.

fresh from the vine. cheaper than the store. and oh so worth it.

we started in the olallieberry patch, warding off any intruders into our row.we picked until our hands were stained violet
and our faces shone with dirt.we had a delicious lunch at the ranch complete with freshly squeezed {and then frozen} apple slush. i'm salivating right now.
after lunch, we headed to the strawberry patch.
and we only needed to take a few breaks.livvy preferred to pick and eat the green ones {mostly because her mom told her not to}.
we enjoyed it so much, we're going back next week. and will most definitely be going back to pick apples in the fall.

if you're lucky, you might get one of these. but at the rate we're eating it, you might not be so lucky.

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