Friday, September 9, 2011

1982 - 30 things about me

to be honest, i don't remember much about 1982. and, because i somehow let ryan talk me into storing some of our items - including my baby book - in utah for the next two years, i can't look it up.
 { 7 mos.}
my development, at first glance, was nothing to write home about. but i would learn a short 26 years later that perfectly normal, boring old child development actually is something to write home about. i digress.
 {the fam, july 1982}
i've been told i loved singing and reading. and singing and reading. and i liked to eat. {um...not much has changed?} and, i know i learned how to drink from a straw on my first birthday and wasn't happy on christmas morning until i - you guessed it - ate.
{my first birthday - ironically, i played with the same kind of fisher price people house with leah at school just this week}

so, since that information makes for a relatively uninformative and completely uninteresting post, i'll leave the year 1982 with a list of 30 things you may or may not know about me from all ages of my life. 
{october 8, 1982}

1 | i had a feeling from a very young age that i would have a child with a disability. i've also had feelings i will have twins. hmm....
2 | i love pinterest. love it. it feeds my desire to rummage up all sorts of ideas and inspiration {as i always have} but in a much more organized manner than in the past. 
3 |  i got in contact with the artist who painted me. i now have my own copy of a high-res image. 
4 | i love kate middleton and how she makes modesty look fabulous
5 | i love being busy. 
6 | my teeth are finally straight! after 29 years and some hard-earned money. my 13 year old self is beaming right now. let's be honest. my 29 year old self is beaming.
7 | i love the smell of freshly cut grass. and wet cement. 
8 | i love NKOTBSB. should i be embarassed? because i'm not. 
9 | i want to learn how to play the violin. and the accordion. 
10 | i have a weakness for fabric. it's an expensive weakness. 
11 | i love clean, cool sheets on my bed. 
12 | i have chubby toes. and i'm just beginning to be kind of sort of okay with them. i think leah's are already longer than mine.
13 | i love filling out forms. however, i'm beginning to hate filling out forms for miss ribbons. i always took checking that "does not apply" box for granted. 
14 | i love baths. 
15 | i don't like peanut butter or olives. never have. i've tried them both recently and i still don't. 
16 | i've never seen the original star wars trilogy or the indiana jones trilogy. it's nothing against harrison ford. i just have no desire.
17 | i've never had a broken bone. 
18 | i've never had stitches {other than my c-section with miss ribbons, which i'm not counting}
19 | i'm an introvert. but that doesn't mean i don't like people. it just exhausts me.
20 | in college, an article i wrote for the daily universe was picked up and published by the new york times. 
21 | i currently have a submission for a chapter in a book about children with special needs in the pre-publication stage. 
22 | i'm a tenor. 
23 | my ancestors came to america on the mayflower. 
24 | i was named after my great, great, great, great grandmother maren jensen. i used to hate my name. now i love it. 
25 | i've lived in 11 places and three states. 
26 | i've visited half of the 50 states and five different countries, but had never been east of jackson hole, wy until i was 25.
27 | all 10 of my siblings and step siblings have only ever been all together once. 
28 | i love refurbishing furniture and would love to learn to reupholster. 
29 | autumn is my favorite. 
30 | i can curl my tongue into three sections. can you?


Erica said...

said it before and Ill say it again: i wanna be maren layton when i grow up! and, I like NKOTB, but not BSB. and Im not embarrassed!

Tanis said...

I love the BSB... never really got into NKOTB though.
I too can curl my tongue into three sections and its funny because at a young age I always knew I would have a child with a disability too- weird... Though I always thought it would be a little girl with Down Syndrome.

Molly said...

My parents still have that fisher price little people house! And the little black and white dog! Love it.

Rob and Marseille said...

is that one of the fisher price people in your mouth?! I want to get it out right now! you are going to choke and die! well, I guess you didn't die because here you are 29 yrs later.

Michelle said...

How cool that NY Times published your article. I knew there was a reason I love reading what you write. ;)

Laura said...

I love to hear there are other introverts out there! Loved the article, thanks for sharing. I'm with you - I like people, but it exhausts me too.

Rebecca Parker said...

Love how you're practically choking while your bros & dad smile @ the camera...S'pose that's why they've made 'em a bit chunkier these days (the lil' people or po-po's as my boys call 'em not you:) That was one of the biggest boxes I just moved into our apt but I think my parents hung onto the original house like that as well:) Classic pics!