Friday, September 2, 2011

a jam jamboree*

we went berry picking!!!

i chose to put exclamations at the end of that sentence for a reason. i don't like to over-use that particular punctuation mark, but this deserves some excitement. 

the week we moved here was, i think, a prime week for berry picking. but i was in no frame of mind to drop everything and go pick some berries. {i mean, i was already canning applesauce for heavens sake.} so, when i decided i was good and ready to go, the berries were not so good. 

in fact, they were gone. 

and i was sad. 

enter riverview farm - a farm providing late bearing blueberries and raspberries, as well as apples and pumpkins. i already love fall, but to add berry picking to that!? this girl is in heaven. 
leah was a good wanderer for a bit. she just followed right behind us and happily opened her mouth every few minutes for some sweet goodness. but once miss z showed up, i think she thought all was right with the world. 
 and then she got to sit right next to miss z. ribbons was one happy girl. 
i got lots and lots of berries. my right-hand-picking-man was mr. e. he made me laugh for a good, solid hour. we discussed, for probably 54 of those 60 minutes, the difference between blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. he could not get it straight, but we both thought it was hilarious.
our bellies have been the happy recipients of raspberry jam, raspberries on ice cream, apple crisp, fresh blueberries with milk in the morning and hopefully a blueberry crisp, blueberry sauce and canned apple pie filling soon. 

oh yah...and we're going back tomorrow. and probably in a week or so. and probably a week after that. like i said: in. heaven.

*btw: cutest children's book ever.

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Rob and Marseille said...

i have loved that book ever since my first grade teacher read it to us. my parents even bought me a copy. I need to remember to read it to my kids more.