Wednesday, September 21, 2011

play date

leah has found some great little friends here. we had a play date with miss c and these two four year olds had me in stitches. we dressed up 

{you better believe i dressed up too!}, 

danced to music, 

jumped {and sat} on our favorite piano 

and ate some cookies {okay, and some cookie dough}. 

but then we baked the dough and took the cookies to the park to share with lots of friends.

really, though. this is one of my favorite parts about kids. most often, they see nothing different about leah when it comes to playing. and if they do consider it different, it's not usually bad. they ask lots of questions and are satisfied with my sub-par blubbered answers. they include her in ways i never could have thought imaginable. and it just makes my insides smile. i wish we could all be four.

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Michelle said...

girls are so cute. look at all the bright, fun colors in leah's room. I'm gonna be stuck with navy, green, and red forever. I just know it.