Sunday, September 18, 2011

mascoma lake

each sunday we pass a beautiful lake on the way to church. as the weeks wore on and winter weather loomed ahead, we realized we should really take advantage of the lovely summer-fall weather while it lasted. and so, we packed our picnic lunches and, after church slipped our jeans under our skirts and set out to the lake. 

we did so with a very happy leah. 

and some other lovely families. 

and what would a trip to the lake be without someone locking their keys in the car. i was just glad it wasn't me. i've had way too many posts about that already. 

it's days like this that make me truly grateful to be able to stand where i'm standing and live where i live. i feel really blessed that we are able to be a part of this community. i was really worried about moving across the country and making new friends. yet it feels like we've known so many of them forever...and it's only been a few short weeks. 

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