Tuesday, September 6, 2011

first day photos and i'm feeling a little left out

we had two big first days this week. 

ryan started his first year of mba school yesterday. no, that is not a misprint. he started school on labor day. i think tuck just wanted to let those first years know that they mean business {no pun intended}. he was a bit grumpy when i insisted we take his first-day-of-school picture. but he got over it. and then we took some of his friend, so he ended up being the cool guy. 

i drove ryan and two friends to their first classes and can i just say, it doesn't matter what grade you're starting, the anticipation and fears and excitements are all the same. other than the names of some of the courses {managerial economics, leading individuals and teams, analysis for general managers, statistics, etc...} i very well could have been driving a car full of kindergarteners. they were all checking their schedules and worrying about homework and discussing their study groups and teachers. and i got a big, huge kick out of it. 

he has now successfully finished two days of classes and i think we're going to make it.
leah began her first day of preschool today. her program this year is three days of integrated preschool with a typical class and two days of special ed {both with the same, magnificent teacher}. i've already had a meeting with her teacher and coordinator, and a pre-i.e.p. of sorts with her entire team and these ladies are on the ball. it's a small community and they are welcoming leah with open arms. 

miss ribbons was a g.r.u.m.p. this morning, so i put her down for a nap at 10am. i had to wake her up to be on time for class and, as i was whispering, "leah, it's time to wake up to go to school," a giant grin spread across her sleepy face. i wish i had it on camera. 

she turned into a grump again when we were taking pictures {i think she was still tired...or maybe she just has her father's genes...}, so this is the best we got. but she was all sorts of smiles at school. she jumped right in to say hi and let the other kids know she was ready to play. and she giggled almost non-stop. 

i stayed with her today so her aide {called a "para" here} could ask any questions she had and see how leah is used to doing things. one of my favorite parts of the day was when we were at circle singing a song. i was helping her jump up and down and do all the movements, and then the music would randomly freeze. leah's not very adept at freezing. moving is more her style. but when the music stopped and her teacher said freeze, miss ribbons did. not. budge. you could only hear her tiny little belly breathing because she had been laughing so hard and moving so much. it was fantastic. 
i, however, did not start school this week. i know. kind of sad. i love school. i always have. i would post a picture of my first day of...nothing, but 1} i had no one to take my picture {otherwise i probably would have} and 2} my hair is still not cooperating in this humidity. 

so...with that note...happy first day of school! it was definitely that in our house.


Shannon said...

what cute students you have! maren, you are the greatest, most bestest supporting wife and mama. You should get your picture taken just for that :).

Michelle said...

I seriously love this post. What cute pictures. I have yet to take a picture of Mike, which is probably fine, I actually didnt like his outfit that he wore on the first day. haha!

Emily and Ryan said...

What a cute idea to put all of their favorites next to their first day of school photo...I might just have to copy you. Hope school goes well for your two students!

Julia Wade said...

yep, cutest post ever. i'm sure of it. :)