Thursday, December 15, 2011

beLEAF in a cure and a few other things

i try not to make rett syndrome my life, but let's be honest: it kind of is. christmas is an especially interesting time of year as my emotions are all over the place with what could be and what really is with regards to holiday celebrations, gift giving for leah and my own holiday wishes.

if is could wish for anything, it would be a cure for rett syndrome. obviously. 

but then i feel guilty because i hate fundraising. really, truly, i do. i used to hate it in elementary school when we had to sell candy bars and wrapping paper. i hated it in high school when i had to sell happenings books and christmas wreaths for my choir trips. and i hate it now. 

but...when it's something i truly believe in, i'm willing. so, i have for you two great ways to help make a christmas wish come true. 

beLEAF in a cure earrings. 
you can find them in my etsy shop and all proceeds will benefit the International Rett Syndrome Foundation on behalf of miss ribbons herself. 

if you're in the Boise, Idaho area, you do not want to miss an amazing benefit concert put on by Mindy Gledhill for another sweet little girl named brynn. my dear friend cristi {who i've known for years and years} is an amazing photographer, psychologist, mother and friend. she organized this incredible benefit concert just for brynn and her family, after realizing the profound effect music can have on our girls.

to purchase tickets for the concert, go HERE

to read about brynn in the newspaper, go HERE

and to read about brynn and the concert from cristi herself, go HERE.

a huge thanks to cristi, mindy gledhill and brynn and her family for believing in a cure!


Jessica M said...

Still cannot believe we missed y'all in NYC. Still disappointed about it!! So so excited for your pregnancy- congratulations!

Jessica Mosteller said...

Wow, Maren you and your family are amazing. I love reading your blog. Congrats on the new little one, my prayers are with you!