Sunday, December 25, 2011

christmas eve

our christmas eve this year was quiet and peaceful - exactly as we wished. we made our traditional christmas eve dinner. this year it was chicken cordon bleu, rolls, peas and juice. not an overwhelming amount of food - but perfect for a special night. and we licked our plates clean. 
michelle dropped off our surprise package to be opened the next morning. if you think her face says, "i know something you don't know," you're spot on. michelle took the envelope with the ultrasound picture of whether #2 is a boy or a girl, and filled this giant box with the appropriate colored balloons. at this point in time, only the ultrasound tech, the balloon artist and michelle knew what we were dying to know! 
we opened up one gift each. leah and i got matching jammies. i didn't really need new jammies, but when i saw these bottoms that matched the footed pajamas i had already purchased for leah, i just couldn't resist. ryan also didn't need new pajamas, and i figured he wouldn't appreciate a surprise pair of pink polka-dot ones, so we got him some comfy slippers, which are conveniently not pictured. 
we snapped a few photos 
 {including our leah sandwich, of course}, 
tucked leah into her bed {where it took her for-ev-er to fall asleep - i think someone was excited!}, then ryan and i watched it's a wonderful life. we helped santa with a few last-minute things before heading to bed ourselves at a ridiculously decent hour. i was quite proud.
i have to admit that i loved being lazy this season, sitting on my couch watching tv with the tree lit up. lest you think we went crazy overboard on presents this year , our tree is actually sitting on a giant box covered in green and white striped fabric, and the presents are resting on top of that. we were, however, very blessed and actually ended up with more than i initially thought we would thanks to parents and siblings. it was a perfect night.


Rob and Marseille said...

and the gender???? what a fun way to find out!

Emily said...

What a bomb to drop with no follow up! What are you having!!!! I want to know :) I am glad Leah got into see the specialist.

t.t.turner said...

I'm DYING. Please tell!