Thursday, December 29, 2011

there are lines in hanover!?

we took advantage of ryan's school holiday break and headed out for a date night. we decided to see sherlock holmes ii and left in plenty of time to drive a mile down the street to the movie theater. the roads were basically ice, so it took us probably 7 minutes instead of 5. 

when we arrived "downtown" there wasn't a parking spot to be found, which is strange for a wednesday night, but strange in general for hanover. there are no lines anywhere here! ever! i usually don't have to wait for anything and rarely have a hard time finding parking.   so, i ran into the theater {okay, i tip-toed really was seriously icy} while ryan parked the car. 

i ended up purchasing what i didn't know at the time were the very last two tickets for the movie. and when you purchase the last two tickets...and your husband is still parking the car minutes before the previews will be sitting in the front row. 

and after two hours of sitting in the front row, your necks might possibly be stuck like this for a very long time. 
{ryan is totally looking the wrong way. the screen was to our RIGHT! but do you like his new christmas sweater?}

even with our stellar seats, the show and the company were great. 
and so was the gelato we had afterward. mmm...pistachio.


Amy said...

so, i got james that sweater too. I guess we even dress our husbands the same. :)

Karen Hauley said...

Next you need to wee War Horse.