Tuesday, December 27, 2011

spreading christmas cheer, one four year old at a time

we had lofty goals of doing tons of christmas-ey activities while ryan and leah had a break from school. instead we sat around home doing nothing. and let's be honest: we were all just fine with that. 

we did, however, venture out to the joseph smith birthplace memorial, which is about 25 minutes from our house. they had it beautifully lit up with lights. 

first we jumped into part of an information session about joseph's parents that was pretty interesting. leah didn't think so. 
then we went outside to see the live animals they had set up. leah was not entertained. 
then we tried to get a family picture. leah was not enthused. 
then we went on a walk. leah would have none of it. 
ryan and i, however, enjoyed ourselves. well, maybe just i did since ryan was busy wrangling leah. the lights were beautiful - i especially loved the light post they wrapped to represent the star that shone as a sign of Christ's birth - 
and it was nice to walk around all bundled up on a cold, quiet {except for leah} night.
i'm not sure why we don't go on family outings more often???

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