Saturday, December 3, 2011

live nativity

each year, the hanover ward {our local church congregation} has the primary kids {ages 3-12} do a live nativity at the annual christmas party. this year, someone had the brilliant idea to take pictures of the entire nativity story - costumes and all - and set it to words and music and then play the video at the annual christmas party. i think it turned out lovely. 

leah, along with all the other 3-4 year olds, was cast as a sheep. eat your hearts out? yes. but i was the one charged with capturing them on my trusty nikon. those shepherds tried their darndest to keep watch over this particular flock, but it was harder than it looked. especially for poor shepherd alex, who begged his mom for permission to keep watch over sheep leah. he was darling with her, but she proved to be especially tricky. 

here's a glimpse of alex and leah {why is signing time in my head now?}:

here's the entire crew {click to enlarge and see the serious creativity going on with some of these costumes!}: 

if you want to spot her in the video, look for the sheep who looks like she lost the battle during hunting season. that's my girl. 

seriously, though, darling video. to watch, click the link below.


Michelle said...

Oh my gosh Maren, that picture made me laugh out loud!!!!!!

Karen Hauley said...

LOVE the video.

dani said...

That picture of Leah is so hilarious! Love her!