Saturday, December 3, 2011

o dartmouth tree, o dartmouth tree

this evening marked the annual lighting of the dartmouth tree on the green. it's no rockefeller plaza tree, but let's be honest: hanover, new hampshire is to new york city as the dartmouth green is to rockefeller center. it's actually quite the sight when driving through hanover in the dark {which is any time after 4:00pm, if you were wondering}.
they had hot chocolate and cookies for all. leah was on hyper drive and it was all ryan could do to keep the hot chocolate from spilling out of its foam cup and scalding his hand. that girl is wiggly. look at those pigtails fly! 

we attempted a family portrait, but these were the best we got. 

i think this was the best photo of the night. for a live {black and white} look at the tree, check out the webcam.
a fun - and cold - night out to usher in the holiday season.


Michelle said...

Um, we meant to go to that. But, yeah, it was too cold and I just wanted to stay home. :(

Rob and Marseille said...

ever since Dartmouth beat out Vocal Point in The Sing Off, I just haven't felt the same about them. & The tree doesn't 'make it all better.' Grrr.

Britta said...

baby, it's cold outside...and gonna get colder! you guys look like you're climatizing (sp?) to the chilly climate quite nicely!