Sunday, November 27, 2011

nyc thanksgiving style

the day after thanksgiving, we headed to nyc for a quick weekend getaway. a friend i worked with at byu was kind enough to let us stay in her amazing apartment while she was away visiting family for thanksgiving. it was amazing! we loved everything about her apartment and her hospitality. 
miss ribbons loved finding new corners to hang out in. 
and she loved times square. 

but she didn't love the manhattan temple? we'll have to have a chat...
{she did love the juice box and raisins the temple worker gave her, though.}

ryan loved the dj at h&m - reliving his high school glory days as mix master ryan {he and miss ribbons sat at the front of the store for probably an hour listening to this guy while i shopped!}. 

but he didn't love the realization that his hard-earned money is paying for courses in capital markets, accounting and finance this year rather than a scrumptious meal at ruth's chris. 

he did, however, love his crab that was purchased with a gift certificate we have patiently waited to use. 

leah was amazingly patient on this trip. she slept in the car. she slept at night {mostly} and she even slept in the stroller while we were out and about. she fell asleep in my arms at dinner and nearly dozed off on the subway once. it was kind of incredible. and we kind of loved it. 

because she was such a trooper, we decided to brave the thanksgiving weekend crowds in the time's square disney store and oh was it worth it. we could not have wiped the smile off miss ribbons' face if we tried. she stared - and i mean stared - at the rapunzel doll and lots of other toys. i kind of caught a glimpse of what leah might be like without that blasted genetic mutation. after all, lots of other kids were staring, speechless at the rows and rows of displays as well. 

macy's was all aglow and we had fun maneuvering our way through the crowds with a stroller. 
we shopped on canal street {where ryan bumped into an elderly chinese lady with the stroller and he got an he gave her an earful back...who knew a white guy could speak chinese!?}, ate lots of pizza, caught a glimpse of the tree in rockefeller plaza {set up, but not lit when we went} and spent quiet evenings at "home". 
  {loved these angels in rockefeller plaza.}
 {miss ribbons and her dad by a big apple in the big apple.}

i drove most of the way both ways so ryan could study. and this ended up being super awesome because i got to listen to hours and hours of christmas music. a truly fantastic weekend.


chloe said...

So happy this worked out and so fun to see pics of you guys in my little apartment. Glad it was a fun weekend!

Dyan said...

What a fabulous way to spend your Thanksgiving! Also, congrats on your happy for you.

lmackay32 said...

I love all of the fun pictures, Leah is so beautiful!

Dawn said...

I love all the pictures and it looks like an amazing trip. I noticed that Little Ms. Leah isn't wearing her arm braces much, amazing! Is she mouthing less (or maybe she was never really much of one to begin with)? Oh how that gives me hope!!!

Britta said...

you have no idea how much nyc photos tug at my little heartstrings. I didn't hear about the chinese lady

Michelle said...

I love this post! you make me laugh, I love little Leah's smile, and the bit about the chinese lady. so funny!

Natalie said...

aaahhhhhhh I am soooooooooo jealous! NYC during the holidays.... oh how I love it! you lucky girl! Go as often as you can while you are living there, you won't regret it! Leah is adorable! Lincoln never did that well in the city... Congrats again on baby number two! hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!