Thursday, November 3, 2011

photography class

i've wanted to take a photography class for a long, long time. i'm fine with book learning, but it's usually in one ear long enough to take a test and then it's gone. if i really want to learn something for good, it's gotta be hands on.

when we purchased a nice camera in 2008 before heading to china, i read the manual, watched the dvd and asked lots of questions. and then ryan hogged the camera. i wasn't complaining - he took some great pictures of our trip and i kind of preferred the ease and compactness of my trusty point and shoot. but really, it just doesn't capture the same image. 

i'm still fine with ryan taking charge most of the time, but i really wanted to know how to manipulate the camera myself. how the iso works with aperture and shutter speed. what different white balances do. lighting and flash techniques. and more. 

so i jumped at the chance to take a five week course at a local art studio taught by a fellow tuck partner. it was just what i needed. it was long enough to help me become comfortable with my ability to think through the adjustments i need to make in manual mode in various settings. but short enough that the class didn't drag on. i wanted the basics and i got them. 

i haven't taken anything amazing yet. seriously just practicing adjusting the basics while using the flash as little as possible and it's already coming more naturally. it's been fun to practice ghosting, various focal points and more. miss ribbons and ryan better watch out. they thought i took too many pictures already????
 my instructor. next time i'll use a tripod.
  makes for a much more dynamic foot picture, no?
  the brooklyn bridge. 
 my backyard and my favorite technique to tinker with - aperture and various focal points

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Molly said...

I want to take a photography class sooo badly. You know, just as soon as I have a nice camera. ;)