Monday, November 14, 2011


when ryan was first accepted to tuck, one of the first things he mentioned was his desire and excitement to play in the "tripod" hockey league. no, he's never played hockey before. 

i'll give you a second to figure out why they call themselves tripods*.
team general motorboats

it's been seriously fun to watch him play. the first time i went it was a scrimmage game. in a matter of a few minutes he scored a goal and fell flat on his face. leah and i cheered both times. 

the second game i watched was actually at dartmouth's super nice, relatively heated, stadium seating rink. and it was with two other wives that are my good friends - one from each team. much better than the first game. general motorboats won 5-1. and, even though the games were only two weeks apart, i was amazed at how much they had all improved in such a short amount of time. 

other than his hockey gear taking up an entire room in our house {and smelling ever-so-sweet}, and ryan coming home a sweaty smelly mess after every game,  it's been a really fun experience!  it has been great to watch him learn {and improve upon} a new skill, get a break from schoolwork and exercise all in one fell swoop!

playoffs start tomorrow and ryan's team has the no. 1 seed. so wish him luck. 
if you ever want to find ryan in a group shot, 
he's the only one wearing green socks with three white stripes.
 nice stretching, brennan.
 maren, emily, liz. 
 knocking their hockey sticks against the rink after their team scored a goal. 
 goooooooooooooo general motorboats!
 brent is the only one nice enough to actually smile for the camera. 
 "good game, good game, good game."
brennan, brent and ryan. 

*couldn't figure it out? they need their legs AND their hockey sticks to stay upright. 


ed and kelli said...

nice ryan. ps. liz looks REALLY familiar.

chellae said...

That is so fun! Wait til it's actually winter out and you'll see hockey take off. It's a little like basketball in these parts as far as popularity goes. Jim took a hockey class at BYU and played some the same semester we took a ballroom dance class together. I made him promise not to break anything the week before our big dance competition. He always came home with huge bruises on his body! But they love it. Crazies...

Liz Igoe said...

hahahah love this post - the picture of brennan is amazing - you must send me :) so fun - maybe if they make the championship game we can go again!

Michelle said...

those pictures are seriously awesome. what a good idea, and you even got a group photo! nice! that other rink looks amazing!

Molly said...

Um, but he ice skated before? How do you just pick up hockey as an adult? Impressive.