Thursday, November 24, 2011

thanksgiving day bust

i'd really rather not talk about thanksgiving 2011, but i will. for posterity's sake. you're welcome, posterity. 

it started out like any other thanksgiving day. oh wait. i didn't run the turkey trot i've run for the past five years. i sat on my behind instead. 

but, ryan did get his football on. in the snow, no less.

we lazed around that morning doing nothing - because leah had a whopping eleven seizures that day. ELEVEN. she even had one at the dinner table. seizures + leah + the floor = this:

{i'll spare you the picture of her bruised, carpet-burned forehead and instead post the pic of her resting peacefully on the couch with her french braids. ryan and i for sure get the parents-of-the-year award for that one.}

mid-day, i put the turkey in, leaving ample time for some extra cooking, if needed, as well as time to cool and carve before we walked across the street to feast at the holbrook's house. that ample time came and went and then went some more and the turkey was still pink. i was confused {and frustrated and on the verge of tears} because i've made turkeys before and they've NEVER taken this long to cook. i know i thawed it correctly. i know my oven cooks at the correct temperature, so why, why, WHY was this happening to me? 

{it dawned on ryan, a few hours after the fact, that the blasted pizza stone resting on the bottom rack in the oven was sucking up all the heat. i might never eat pizza again...}

at the eleventh hour, the laytons finally arrived with the bird and a sleepy, seizure-laden leah in tow. the ten other guests {including two other from china who was experiencing her first thanksgiving - go me} were waiting patiently with their perfectly prepared - and timed - sides, and we ate.

and i should have enjoyed it, but i didn't. i enjoyed the company. and i thoroughly enjoyed the mashed potatoes. but the four year old who didn't join us for most of dinner...and the fowl that did...just ruined it for me. 

sorry, thanksgiving 2011. i kind of don't like you.


Michelle said...

awh, that makes me sad.

Ann Marie said...

So sorry your Thanksgiving was such a bummer:( I am hoping your Christmas was much more joyful. We need to figure out how to stop these stupid seizures! Their presence can ruin just about any day:(

brittani c. said...

Remember that lady from KAF who came to the RS pie making class? She said to leave your pizza stone in the oven while things above it are baking. Was she totally wrong or what?

(p.s. I have a little boy that just crawled onto my lap after naptime and keeps pointing to your face, saying, "Leah's mom". You've made an impression on him!)