Wednesday, November 23, 2011

but today...

...but today was a little better. 
Today there was no school, so we just got to hang out. 
Today there were no seizures. Zip. Zilch. Zero. 
Today it snowed. And we got to play in it - your first time ever. 
Today, my little girl still couldn't do all those things I wish she could do. 
But today, we chose to wipe our tears and have fun doing the things she can. 
Like dress up in super cute snow clothes with friends. (*This picture was taken at 4:45pm. Yes, it is really that dark.)
And stomp in the snow. 
And make snow angels. 
And go sledding with dad.  (And love it even if you both go flying off the sled!)
Yup, today was a much better day.


carolee said...

So happy you had a better day. Miss Leah looks pretty darling in her snow gear.

maryirene said...