Monday, November 21, 2011

the perfect holiday pie

i'm not sure how you can go wrong when you combine a group of girlfriends, a night out and pie. it really was amazing. 

i took the "pies for the holiday table" class at the famous king arthur flour with five other lovely ladies {and a room full of fellow wannabe bakers} and it did not disappoint. i learned all about "visible butter" and the perfect crust and am no longer afraid to venture from the store-bought, pre-made version. 

i tasted my first date and, although nervous, didn't die. 

i had my first encounter with a french pin {have i ever mentioned that i'm part french?} and fell in love. it might be on a future birthday list. 

speaking of birthday lists, i'd also be happy with my very own butcher block countertop. i've never seen flour spread so evenly!

and, not only did i get three delectable recipes and take home two mouth watering desserts to be placed at the thanksgiving table, i also got a bowl scraper. bonus! 

king arthur flour: i'll be back.

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