Sunday, January 1, 2012

auld lang syne

auld lang syne (ˈɔːld læŋ ˈsəɪn, ˈsaɪn, ˈzaɪn) , -n:
old times; 
times past, 
esp those remembered with affection or nostalgia

when i was younger, i thought the phrase auld lang syne was the strangest i'd ever heard. i didn't know how to say it or spell it and i definitely didn't know what it meant. but now that i'm older {and oh so much wiser}, i truly love this phrase. because there are so many moments to reflect back upon each year that i can remember with affection. some of those moments might take some effort to muster up even the slightest bit of nostalgia, and in some cases it just takes time, but i believe there is something to be grateful for in every situation. 

and in this particular situation, i'm so happy to have started 2012 off with such wonderful friends. to be honest, i'm grateful to have what i consider to be wonderful friends just a few short months after moving. it really has been kind of magical how everyone just kind of seems to fit here. some new, some not so new. but it feels like we've known each other for ages. 

this year's new year's eve party was a bit different than years past...but i have to think that it is probably the beginning of what is to come. kids are getting older - and are increasing in number - and no one could find babysitters! so we partied hardy with eight adults and eight kids either sleeping, trying to sleep, or not sleeping at all. it was a hoot. and if it weren't for some adult males insisting that we watch some ridiculous snomobile/bike jumping contest as the clock nearned midnight, it would have been a perfect night. i put my foot down and insisted we change the channel for the countdown, but we definitely spent our first few moments of 2012 watching a less-than-exciting event on television. next year i'll put both feet down. 

miss ribbons {and two other little ones} slept through the changing of the years, but we snapped a few pictures before she headed upstairs. the glasses were too large and heavy for her to keep on her sweet little face, and, although it's not the best picture, she cooperated exponentially better than in years past {2008, 2009, 2010, 2011}. i don't blame her for being nervous for what was to come in 2010 and 2011 after what she had dealt with. 

we got our family picture {all 3.5 of us - and why do i look like a giant in this picture?}, 

our group picture, 

our kissing picture {although the dances decided they'd rather kiss in all of the pictures}, 

and one of some of my favorite NH ladies. to the rest of my favorite NH ladies, rest assured, you were missed and are definitely invited next year. 

we also got a 20 week shot of my growing belly {kind of fun that the half way mark came right at the new year!}. can't wait 'til the bottom half outgrows the top half. yikes.

a great night. 
with great food {albeit way too much of it}. 
and great company. 
welcome, 2012.


ed and kelli said...

love it! ps.. the pic of the NH ladies.. girl on the right reminds me of rachel mcphie:)

Michelle said...

um, sorry about my lame husband. he's just lame. it was a fantastic night, and next year I'll do WHATEVER it takes to find a sitter. silly little brixton.