Monday, January 3, 2011


another year. a clean slate. i love new beginnings. so much potential. so much to be written. we're hoping it's a big year for our family. only time will tell. leah, per tradition, is a bit hesitant as to what the next 365 days will bring, but we tried to assure her she'll be fine. it is what we make it. the tiara helped a little. 

i've been mulling over my thoughts as to resolutions, if you will, and i'm almost there. some goals and a theme i'd like to strive to live by this year. in the meantime, {for those of you who don't have reader} the rest of the blog is updated:

and now i need to peel my eyes away from the computer for a bit. 'til tomorrow.

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Ashley said...

Hi Maren. I am Molly's sister-in-law and found you through her and have now read a bunch of your blog. Two things:

1. You are gorgeous and you have gorgeous clothes. And Leah is darling and has darling clothes.

And much more importantly, 2. I am so impressed by you and the mother you are to little Leah. I have a four year old boy who's completely healthy and it's hard enough for me to raise him. I know you don't want me to say you are perfect for this or cut out for it, but I do believe that God must have known he could trust you to give Leah the very best life possible. You seem to be doing a wonderful job and I am sure it is a heavy load every day. I love your honesty and your grateful attitude. Just thought you should hear it from a stranger!